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A creative and multi-purpose application masterfully handcrafted for maximum inclusion.

Migport App

“Swallows follow the sun; so do refugees, they follow hope ☀”

We are hopeful for a more diverse and inclusive future for refugees and migrants.

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“Join with a nickname, it’s anonymous”

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Keeping in mind that necessity to deliver simple direct communication method, Migport app was designed featuring smooth user interface and an added capability to follow-up on questions asked on the platform, use the search bar over specific tag. and keep your identity anonymous.

01. Easy to Use

Talk to locals, refugees and migrants directly with simple texting Q&A format.

02. Give Feedback

Directly communicate with NGOs and give feedback to the most urgent needs and solutions needed.

03. Find Solutions

Why freaking out for solutions while you can seek them out directly from locals and peers by asking a question in the app.

Migport on euronews

Refugee Volunteer Information Sharing Network Migport is a project to listen to migrants’ problems and find solutions for them. Immigrants enter their problems anonymously; The solution is developed by public institutions through another migrant or a Turk working voluntarily on this network.

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Flexibility and Simplicity exist side-by-side

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